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Violet Perseus

Ceramic Ball Iron Vase


Black S 6x6cm A
Black S 6x6cm B
Gray L 9.5x9cm A
Gray L 9.5x9cm B
White M 8x7.5cm A
White M 8x7.5cm B

Enter the minimalistic lifestyle with these beautifully simple standing vases. A ball shaped ceramic vase held on a pedestal by a gold iron frame is the touch of simplicity that inspires declutter and the simplification of life. Perfect for succulents or small table plants, this vase is a breath of fresh air. In three variations of pedestal and vase, you can decide the aesthetic that best suits your home.

Material: Ceramic & Porcelain

Color: Black /Gold

Size: S/M / L

Style: Nordic style /Modern/Minimalism

Use for: Wedding home decoration accessories

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Ceramic Ball Iron Vase.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2022